Fstoppers Reaches 200,000 Facebook Fans: THANK YOU!

Fstoppers Reaches 200,000 Facebook Fans: THANK YOU!

I think I speak for all of us here at Fstoppers when I say the last few years has been one hell of a ride. Fstoppers went from being a tiny little speck of a niche interest blog to over 10 million readers in just shy of three years. We're hugely proud of what this site has become to all of you, and hitting the 200,000 Like landmark means a lot to us. So thank you!

Though the rules and algorithms of Facebook are always changing (and recent changes have made it harder for some of you to see our updates even if you want to), we look at that 200,000 number as a big step for what Fstoppers is and what Fstoppers can become. It's rather awesome that the 200,000 mark was hit just before the new year.

To all of our fans around the world, thank you for one heck of a great year. May 2014 be even better!

[Artwork by Noam Galai]

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You guys are amazing. The content on this site is absolutely stunning. Fstoppers is my home page, and I read it everyday. Thank you! :)

Thanks for the great site. I'd be much prouder of "10 million readers in just shy of three years" than 200k Likes in Facebook - who cares? FB is for old people anyway :)

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Well we're pretty proud of that too :)

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noooo! thank you FStoppers for this good year :)

Well deserved to reach this milestone won't be long before its 500K and beyond! Thanks for all of the Fstopper staff!

That's awesome! I had the honor today doing a workshop with Zach Sutton today and it was awesome! Had a blast! I love this site and everything it has to offer. Thank you everyone who is behind fStoppers! THANKS ALL!!

Thank you guys for showing us so many good articles, really learned alot here!!