Fstoppers.com Is Hiring More Paid Writers

Fstoppers.com Is Hiring More Paid Writers

Update: We have received hundreds of applications and we need time to go through them. We do not need any more writers at this time but stay tuned, we will probably hire more in a few months.

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Edward Porter's picture

I hope you don't require writers to submit their stories via scantron. The fact that you have a dog on staff that does this is pretty remarkable though.

He's our editor

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That was fast!

I'd LOVE to join just not sure if I would be able to find content around the web that others hadn't gotten a hold of before me, lol. I'd honestly love to make just video tutorials of little things I found out within photo shop, even if they were only like 2 minute tips, Like fixing the roots in someone's hair or something, lol. Maybe even reviews on the eBay items we all question about (I buy a few random items online).

Great. Now there's going to be even more noise to wade through to find the signal. Can't wait!

Peter House's picture

The more the merrier!

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Congratulations on your captains license....

It's sad that you don't listen to your readership.

Less repost of reddit/gizmodo, etc and more original content! This is what took this site off the ground!

It doesn't have to be amazing BTS videos or insight that will shatter or relationship with our camera. Just simple content about your personal way of doing things in this industry.

Reviews of chinese tripods, bags (I mean COME ON! it's a fucking bag!) etc aren't THAT relevant.

Get better content PLEASE! the amount of cheap post we have to go trough to get one cool one is quite big and we end up missing good content because it's drowned in crap.

Zach you are the man hahaha. Keep up the awesome work and that was truly a fantastic comment.

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You will keep coming back for it.

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@RLMorrisPhoto:disqus Should we include our website/other contact information when emailing?

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Hi guys, Do I have to live in USA to apply for the position?

No. You can live anywhere


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I'm down, would love to add anything I can to the community.

grate i luv ritting chek out mi prose tihnk i am inn wid a chanse wudda u reckin