High End Lexar Memory Cards Are Currently On Sale

High End Lexar Memory Cards Are Currently On Sale

If you have been waiting for a deal on Pro level memory cards, your wait is over. Today only B&H has high end Lexar memory cards on sale from 16gb to 128gb. Keep in mind that many of these cards are still very expensive because they are some of the fastest cards money can buy (up to 150mbps). The discounted cards are broken up into 3 levels; mid level CF cards, top level CF cards, and SD cards.

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Thanks for the tips guys, I'm probably gonna get a few of them :)
By the way, the "mid level CF cards" link seems to be broken (just had the time to write it and already been corrected ^^)


Why the heck are CF cards so much more than they were a years ago, $49.99 for a 16GB mid grade? I paid $35 from amazon or newegg a year ago for the sandisk version (mid grade). I know it's probably from the floods, but HDD prices and SSD memory prices have come back down. 

BTW, just to throw this out there, I have 2 Lexar CF cards (8 & 16 for my 7D) and have had no issues with this.

I agree, it does seem like prices have gone up a bit. Over a year ago I got a couple 32gb 60mbps cards and they are the exact same price today. 

I love hearing people gripe about the prices of CF cards.  10 years ago when I first got into digital, I bought 2- 1gb CF cards and paid $300 a piece for them.   When I bought my D800 a couple months ago, someone had 64gb high speed SD cards on sale for $58 each.  I bought 2 of them.  Trust me...the price is nothing like it used to be.

I remember spending $350 for my first 1gb card. 

But SD cards are so much lower in price.......my first CF was $180 for 512mb card !

On each card on sale they say "Offer ends Aug 31 '12" so I don't get what the ballyhoo about "today only" is??

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this post needs more ballyhoo

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Not sure how accurate this is, but this is the chart I choose to trust and follow.. (until someone can point me to a more thorough and credible source)

I shoot with a 5DMKIII and didn't realize the speed difference between CF and SD until I did more research.. I picked up 2 64GB SanDisk SDXC's and theyre good for holding a lot (esp on vacation) but slow as shit..

Thanks to you guys for the heads up, I just bought 2 X 32GB Lexar 1000 CF's and am super excited about these since they made the top of the list in speed! Now I can have both speed and storage for any situation! :)

On the 5d3, the top write speed of the SD card is 133x. Also - if you're using both CF and SD, the camera slows both card slots to the slowest - 133x. If you use only the CF - then you write at the top allowed speed of the card.