How To Care For Your Camera: Cleaning, Maintenance & More

If you have never taken the time to learn some of the basics of camera care then this is your video. System checks, cleaning, strap threading, and general maintenance are all covered in this video published by Canon USA. But don't let the excessive Canon logos fool you. These care tips are just as useful to all our Nikon shooters too.

via [DPReview]

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Reminds me of this hilarious DigitalRev's recent video:

love this guy

That's the first thing I thought when I saw the title!! hahahaha

Not sure I agree with the strap threading method. If you have ever used a rock/mountain climbing harness you know that you need to go through and then thread back (double back) the tail of the strap. That is the only way to fully secure the strap from sliding out. Take a look at this photo and let me know what you think.

I use this method which is similar, but utilises the sleeve to hold the tail inside everything else:

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Am I the only one that does it this way?

Looks secure to me. Am I the only one that doesn't swing my camera around like a lasso? Y'all have some serious strap techniques!

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isnt isopropilic alcohol harmful to some coatings?

Yep, especially low end filters. Currently B+W is the only one (fix me if I'm wrong) that makes coating between two glasses so you can clean the filter with alcohol. Hoya doesn't make it, they coat the surface in every model...

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? Coating is also to prevent scratches and protect the element, so no point in putting it if not on the surface

Lighter fluid is your friend when removing oil-based debris off your lens. I kid you not.

I guess these tips aren't useful to Sony or any other camera owners... Just Canon and Nikon like the idiot writer stated...

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ha love your screen name....what do we need to stop? You obviously love us :)

"If you have never taken the time to learn some of the basics of camera care..."

...then you're going to be in for a surprise...

okay, this is pretty useless... some wrong advices combined with a lot of canon logo's...

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I should watch this when I get home. Last week I cleaned the dust from my 5D mkiii and 6D sensors with a vacuum cleaner hose.

Bonus points to Holly for nailing the DSLR selfie.

"Just don't forget to take the lens cap off before you shoot"
Eureka! That is why the last 12,000 pictures have come out black!