The Most Epic Photography 'Intern Letter'...Ever!

The Most Epic Photography 'Intern Letter'...Ever!

Sometimes if opportunity doesn't come knocking you just have to build the door yourself, or in Judson Collier's case an epic website as an intern proposal letter. The website/fancy letter was written to famed photographer Jeremy Cowart. I was blown away at the sheer creativity, not to mention ballsy approach to asking someone for a job. Judson goes into great detail on why he would like to intern, his strengths and why he believes he would be great at the job, including making a mean cup of coffee.  


Check out the full website: HERE

"My mom always told me: "The worst they can say is no, so it never hurts to ask". So here I am, asking. Sure, you technically might not be looking for an intern. You never asked for one. But hey, if an opportunity doesn’t knock, sometimes you have to build the door." - Judson Collier

Judson's idea has seemed to do the trick. He reported on his twitter that he had lunch with Jeremy this past Monday and will be moving to Nashville late January and starting his ever faithful internship duties in February. I would say... 'Lucky!', but with an amazing presentation like that, how could Jeremy refuse?

We here at Fstoppers tip our hats to you, Judson. Congratulations, and we look forward to seeing what great things you and Jeremy come up with. Good luck.

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Wow! Blown away.

Did he get the job?

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This whole thing is a little weird to me but I guess if it works I can't knock it

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great work!

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clever! despite the jesus thing... kind of creepy

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"I want to use what God’s given me for good. As a Christian, I believe the (albeit raw) talents I have were given to me by God, and I want to give back by using my talents in any way possible." -Judson Collier

I find this quote not only sincere, but touching. I usually don't get into religion publicly (unless I'm writing articles on religious bashing photo series, *sad face*) but as a Christian (or any good and decent human being) I agree with this statement. We should embrace our gifts and use them as was intended. It's nice to see someone who embraces his faith and isn't afraid to be vocal about it. I don't find it creepy in the slightest.   

Perfectly put Hunter M.   

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I stopped reading at 'As a Christian'. Not needed. 

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I stopped reading at 'As a Christian'. Not needed... 

Jeremy Cowart is deeply religious. Maybe that's why he wants to work with him. 

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Wow, can't believe all that some people can fixate on is the whole religion thing... Get over it already, people!

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there's no need for an imaginary "friend" to be a good human being. you can say "i received a lot from others, i want to give back what i've learnt" and that's it. as clear, humble, sincere as possible. 
kudos to this kid who proves that ask don't cost a thing, we are our own limit!

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And there is no need to beat up on someone, because he believes in something different than you and I! We all have every right to believe whatever we want. 

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For real. This isn't /r/atheism. 

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Hold up....
You guys are forgetting that this wasn't written for your reading enjoyment and debate at fstoppers... It was written to Jeremy, and their faith is something they have in common. Jeremy is very outspoken about his faith, so it's completely relevant and I'm sure a large part of why he's getting the job.--or continue to bash him for it since you have different beliefs and hijack this thread with religious debate, either way.

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word.  That is all. 


That makes me think of the "Google job experiment". well done

Great work! And I applaud his going out on a limb to about his faith. It's part of him and part of what he brings to the job. Whether others agree with the approach or not doesn't matter.

This kid is awesome. 

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Jeremy + Judson + 2013 = AWESOMENESS COMING SOON!!

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Forward thinking always brings results

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