Photographer Killed While Shooting Justin Bieber's Ferrari

Photographer Killed While Shooting Justin Bieber's Ferrari

According to gossip site TMZ a paparazzo photographer was killed while trying to take pictures of Justin Bieber's Ferrari during a traffic stop earlier today near the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Details are still developing, but apparently Justin Bieber was not in the car when it happened.

The photographer had been following the  Ferrari when it was pulled over by California Highway Patrol. The photographer stepped out of his own vehicle to take a few pictures when CHP asked the photographer to step back because it was unsafe. Some undetermined time afterwards the photographer was hit by an oncoming vehicle and died of his injuries. Authorities say that the accident was not alcohol related and are still investigating. We will update this post when more information is available.

We see what happens when mixing paparazzi and dangerous situations on the road, like with Princess Diana's death in 1997. Should paparazzi be allowed to snap these images when they are endangering not only others, but themselves too?

Via: TMZ

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Brian Boing Photo's picture

we don't need more laws that regulate how, what or when a photographer can take pictures of....

I don't think anyone is implying this. But when you are told NOT to do something by authorities and do it anyway because of SAFETY, that's where the tog crossed the line. It was poor judgment that cost him his life, all for the sake of something that would be published and forgotten seconds later. I'm pretty sure paparazzi, the ones who write their checks and the narcissitic celebs are the only ones who really care about the work paparazzi do.

one down, a few more to go...

This is plain stupid.

George Socka's picture

justin drives a ferarri? Who knew? Who cared?

George Socka's picture

and yes, my prayers go out to justin and the toyota driver. They don't need this. Nor do his friends driving the car. Nor the cop. Nor the photogarpher's afmily, although if they were living off the avails so to speak, then they are just as culpable as teh photgrapher.

Was the photographer hoping for a headline "Canadian singer gets California speeding ticket?"  Why? Again, who would care?

Lee Christiansen's picture

Seriously...?   A man loses his life and nearly no one here feels for his loss or his family's loss. 

I don't care whether we hold his profession in regard (I'm assuming no one here buys a news paper or has ever flicked through the pages of Hello...)

It is sad that personal feelings can harden us as a society.  A man has died.  There has been a tragic loss.

 no, not a man...a paparazzo...

The Paparazzi is Just doing his job, what puts meals on the table for his family and Gas in the car. Its not his fault that someone hit him, The driver of the car should have being paying attention enough to be able to react.

just like it's not a soldiers' fault when a grenade kills a child? he was just doing his job and putting food on the table...

I don't think its the Driver's fault on this one. The pap was too dumb to actually look where he was walking into and not minding his surroundings.

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Quite ironic that TMZ is reporting this when they themselves are one of the sources of photographers trying to get stories and thus putting them in danger.

Honestly, some of the comments on here are really poor and you should feel poor about yourselves for posting such rubbish as 'One down few more to go'. Have some humanity, regardless of job, no-one deserves to die for taking pictures.

 tell that to princess Diana...

If you really want to get onto that subject - I suppose the pissed chauffeur driving beyond his capabilities had nothing whatsoever to do with it. "Tell that to Princess Diana" - what a juvenile statement to make.

and running around trying to earn a buck chasing nobodies is a very smart and grownup thing to do...

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He ruined a fantastic car... GROSS.

I don't think he was a photographer at all. yes he was taking pictures. but that doesn't make him a photographer. certainly not a pro. Putting him on this page glorifies him. Sad he died, but one could argue he shouldn't even have been there.  A parasite at best.

Fro's picture

Should have used a wider lens.

The reality is that information sells; it's an industry that the celebrities, the photographer and the general public buys into. For every person who thinks what papparazzo do is gross and stupid, there are a bunch more clicking on websites to see what this or that celebrity is up to, and pictures sell the story. A man died feeding the public's depraved hunger for this information and perhaps that should give everyone pause for thought