Zuckerberg's Photographer Also Caught Off-Guard by Wedding

Zuckerberg's Photographer Also Caught Off-Guard by Wedding

Like him or not, Mark Zuckerberg has become wildly successful with the social media giant, Facebook. After the IPO hit Wall Street, Zuck surprised his friends and family with an unannounced wedding to his long time girlfriend. His photographer Allyson Magda was caught off guard by the switcheroo of events, but according to Forbes, was able to keep it all together despite the craziness of the day.

In case you didn't catch the full story, Mark Zuckerberg had informed his friends and family that the event they would be celebrating was a surprise graduation party for his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, when instead the guests were surprised to find that they were actually attending a wedding between Chan and Zuckerberg.

"It was a surprise for me too!" Magda said.

“Since it was such a surprise, I didn’t exactly have a lot of time to digest the facts,” she said. “But then I started thinking: they hired me for a reason, and so I simply need to do what I do at every wedding.”

You have to admire her ability to adjust to the situation. In the modern day when photographers are constantly undervalued, it's good to see that when you hire a quality professional, they get the job done no matter what.

You should read the full article over at Forbes, and make sure to check out Allyson Magda's website.

Image via Allyson Magda & Associated Press

[Via Forbes]

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Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Hey, if they liked her work thats great. She did a great job with it, it seems. I don't do weddings, but I just am struck by how all of her photos have a similar feel in their post. Very blown out and yellow-y. Country living-esque. Second comment in a row that I've made that was critical about someones work though, and thats not my style. Like I said before, if people love the result then all the better for them and the photographers.

Nothing wrong with being critical :)

But also keep in mind that she probably had to release some of them immediately, with only a few minutes to edit.  It takes me weeks to edit a wedding, she had to put hers into like 5,000 publications like hours after the fact.

Imagine having to post your unedited RAWs to the world...

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

I wasn't saying these photos actually, the ones on her website are much more similar to each other than these are. These are fine to me. And getting my "unedited RAWs"... well... what you mean is slightly edited photos... to the world. Thats what AP and Getty does every day. I'm not phased by it. I don't think many places would be upset not getting a photo with a post production when all they want is a photo, period.

Yeah, but news photogs know the job going in, this was a surprise...big difference.  I didn't look at the site, but I'll take your word for it.  They chose her for a reason...

Aaron Brown's picture

Crop in above those wrists and clone out that string of lights! :D

Aaron Brown's picture

So... this is not even Allyson's shot. Way to go, media! :D http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/23/how-zuckerberg-snubbed-ph_n_153...

godspeed843's picture

It looks photoshopped and the christmas light cable is going right through mark's head. I don't think she would put this as her first picture on her web site. 

godspeed843's picture


I think these photos are great and the less photoshopping you do the more it captures the moments.  The lights are there because thats how they wanted it designed and if you started photoshopping the items which they wanted in the wedding you start to take away the feel of the wedding.  As far as her shots being blown out, well thats her style and she's sticking to it.  Remember she was picked to shoot a billionaires wedding so she's now going to go ape shi with inquires.  Awesome job Allyson! 

Jaron said ...."In the modern day when photographers are constantly undervalued, it’s good to see that when you hire a quality professional, they get the job done no matter what."
The reason why photographers are undervalued is because the client looks at the current offerings of the industry and thinks ....I could do that.  
Based on the above sample from the wedding you can see why.   

I dunno, I think the quality of the image is damaged by the fact that Zuck's face is bizarre, not that the lighting or the surroundings were necessarily bad. My personal opinion. 

has anybody seen the actual photos of Zucks wedding? where are they?

I am still trying to figure out why this particular shot is the one we see.  The fill flash on their faces is overexposed washing out their features, the composition is cluttered, the White Balance feels...unnatural...and their pose is stiff and lifeless.  It doesn't appear the standard of work one expects from a top end Wedding Photographer.  There may be better shots, I haven't seen them, but this one is just not very good.

..."top end wedding photographer' ....   hmmmm .... I'm curious what is required to be a top end photog these days??  

 A nice camera with a lens and everything!

J Dreier's picture

I wonder if she gave mark a CD of all the images, or just uploaded them to Facebook.... ;)

Brandon W's picture

She should listen to Peter Hurley's headshot tips. Poor Zuckerberg has a slight double chin and no jawline.

i think the above photo sucks, if i was being paid by a billionaire and my photo was about to be published world wide i would have tried a bit better surprise or not being a professional is about being able to deliver no matter what... and yes as noted above by other comments all her shots on her site are blown out and a bit yellowyyy its beautiful work but i think a little bit boring after a while. mix it up. then again she probably gets paid 20x what i make at a wedding so what the hell do i know?!

J Dreier's picture

Looks like you guys got the wedding photog wrong.... 

Noah Kalina shot the wedding... or at least the shot above. 


Yeah, who's the photographer actually?!

good point j dreier