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Night one

A friend invited me to travel with him to Alabama Hills, in the Eastern Sierra, the day after Thanksgiving. We set off and found ourselves in an amazing landscape, where the Mojave Desert meets a wall of the Eastern Sierra Mountains. The juxtaposition of the landscape was incredible! Piles if boulders in the Dessert valley hid arched gems, cactus were speckled across the landscape, and the the mountains had received a fresh layer of snow that first night we were there. I woke up around 4:30am and had to release some liquids from my body. I dreaded crawling out of my sleeping bag and out my tent into the cold night. Once I exited my tent, I was blown away by what was in front of me. The storm clouds covering the mountains had passed, leaving a new layer of snow, capping the mountains. I Hurried to get my camera, and watched the landscape. I was too amazed to re enter my tent and sleeping bag that night. The experience was too amazing not to soak in.

28mm · f/2.0 · 25s · ISO 1000
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lovely adventure! :)