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Rejected Coyote

I love Point Reyes, CA. As soon as I drive in, I always feel a burden lifted off my shoulders and sigh in relief. There is something magical surrounding Point Reyes, and you can't help but feel positive, and slow down when you're there. I was just in Point Reyes and saw a bobcat on the side of the road, hung out with a harrier hawk perched on a bush, walked past elk bigger than a van, and on my way out, I ran into this pretty coyote. When I first saw the coyote it was walking towards a group of three others. Head down and tail low, the coyote was showing signs of submission. One of the coyotes from the group of three ran over, pinned the coyote down and hovered over him for some time, tail in the air, showing his dominance. The coyotes started to nip at each other, whined, and eventually the dominant coyote attacked the submissive coyote away and joined the other two coyotes. The submissive coyote got up, walked over to this patch of grass to relax and clean his wounds, in the setting sun.

300mm · f/5.6 · 1/320s · ISO 1600
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