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Martin's Beach

In the city where I live, the clouds covered the sky with a dull blanket of grey. I was hesitant to go over to the coast even though there was a negative tide and I wanted to get some sunset shots. When I finally decided to go, I had to rush over the mountains and made it to Martin's beach, only minutes before sunset began. I still wasn't sure what the sunset colors would do, because the clouds were still quite thick, although now they had some gaps for light to travel through.I quickly explored the rock, looking for compositions, but couldn't find anything I was satisfied with. My good friend Ian was shooting that day as well and he had a unique spot he invited me to check out. We had to walk through waist deep water, passing each other our tripods and cameras, hoping we wouldn't fall into some underwater crevice with all our gear. We made it to a small "island" of a rock and began shooting when another photographer and friend, Bruce joined us on the little rock. The sunset itself was fairly mild, but when the sun finally made it under the horizon, the clouds lit up like I had never seen before. The colors where rich and saturated as we all stood in awe of its beauty. After the colors dissipated, we went out for dinner to celebrate the most amazing sunset any of us had ever seen. It was a magical experience to say the least.

28mm · f/18.0 · 1s · ISO 100
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Spectacular scene! Did you use a wired/wireless trigger with the tripods?

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Thanks Niaz! I took this shot the first day I got my A7 camera. I got home from work, pulled it out of the box, and drove to the coast just minutes before the sunset. I didn't yet have a wireless trigger, but it's only a 1 second exposure. I did use my trusty tripod, set the shutter on a 2 second delay, and took the shot. I didn't even need an ND filter.

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What a great photo to commemorate your new camera :)

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masterclass photo! congratulations