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Winter storm

This was the 1st snow storm of this fall and I had to be there for that so my friend and I decided to drive out there in the evening. After arriving we found some awesome fog in the valley and decided to shoot some night photography for a while since we had such nice conditions.
Finally after 1am we decided to get some rest until 4 or 5 am, to be ready to capture the sunrise.
We decided on tunnel view and got there very early. The fog was really beautiful as it got brighter, coming around the back of the valley towards us.
I was hoping to see Half Dome and eventually it appeared. I changed lens and got this panorama with my 135mm prime lens. So glad we decided on this spot for sunrise, it did not disappoint.

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wonderful atmosphere! Congrats

thank you Andrea!

great phot! it makes me feel like in a movie! it can be related with The Revenant. cheers mate