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the Wounded

the Wounded, lead image from the series to come soon

photo / styling / concept / face makeup: www.thiternik.com
model: Eva Kurbet
special effects makeup: Bella Grigoryants
assistants: Tatev Martirosyan , Maram Ava

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delightful capture and color grading. May I ask what software you use to get the color "look"

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thank you, well I try to get max right at shooting so I use ND+CPL filters, it makes the sky dramatic and allows me light control, in post there was just slight luminosity play in LR + a very light curve layer on top for the color mood , but it is not drastic change from the raw file

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thank you for the reply. What are or these ND+CPL filters? I assume on the lens, but where can I buy or see these filters? Not sure what those letters mean....Ken

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most welcome
ND = neutral density
CPL = circular Polarizing

you can do a research on each to understand what they can do directly on camera and you can buy them anywhere , from BH, to Amazon, to Ebay to your local photo shop