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Location: Vestrahorn, Iceland

Stokness Beach turns into a giant mirror creating perfect reflection, when the conditions are right.

Camera Settings:
F22 (Bit extreme for liking) was used to increase the shutter time, as I had damaged my ND filter during the trip.

Stitched 4 vertical images in Photoshop Cc to create the final image.

Softwares Used:
Photoshop Cc
Nik Colour Efex Pro

Canon 60D
f/22 · 3.2Sec · ISO 100
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I think you could have levelled the horizon while editing. The image looks noticeably slanted. Good job though!

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Appreciate your feedback.

I had leveled the horizon using grid lines, during editing.
On the right side, there is a dry patch just below the mountain. I guess that is creating the illusion.

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Wow, what a great image. Well done dude!

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Nice bro!

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