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*** Vestrahorn Reflections ***

This photo was taken at Stockness, Iceland.

Being one of the most popular place for photographers, Vestrahorn was a challenge to get a unique prospective.

On my first visit, I had to return empty handed due to the bad weather. How ever on second attempt, there was a small window when the cloud formation was interesting and rain had stopped for just 30 minutes.

I am happy with what I managed to get, with the time constraint. I hope you guys like it as well.

Canon 60D
15mm · f/11.0 · 1/1s · ISO 100
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Wonderful. May i ask What lenses you use on canon 60D? You have wonderful skill of editing for sure. I loved all your pictures.

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Hi Akshay,

I am glad you like my work. For most of my landscape shots, I use a Sigma 10-20mm Lens, with my Canon 60D.


Adriano Neves's picture

Very nice shot, great use of the clouds reflection to frame the image.

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Thanks Adriano!

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Daniel Sanchez's picture

Gorgeous photo!

Is this a stitched photo from more than one exposure?

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your appreciation!

No this photo was processed from single RAW file.

Daniel Sanchez's picture

Really impressive. I'm amazed at the lack of edge distortion on a 15mm lens.

ADITYA MISRA's picture

Beautiful picture Shyama! Love your composition.

Sascha Pihan's picture

Very Nice!