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*** Burano, Island Of Colours ***

Photo was taken on 8th Dec 2014, during my last Italy Trip.

Camera Settings:
ISO 100, F11, 30sec (Base Exposure)

As the day breaks, the quaint island "Burano" comes to life with the sudden gush of tourists coming from Venice mainland to admire its beauty. It mesmerises and captivates visitors all day long with its unique characteristic of colored houses on both side of the canal, which flows through it. In the evening, as the crowd starts to fizzle out, this graceful beauty starts to come back to its original serenity and tranquility. If you are a true traveler, take a step back and observe this metamorphosis of the island. With the fading sun, all forms of life either leave or get locked indoors and the silence is broken only by the bobbing of boats. To be there and to witness this transformation is truly blissful and an experience to cherish for life!

13mm · 30 · ISO 100
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Love the colors and how your eye follows the scenery. Well done. Appreciate the comment about when the tourists arrive. Will look out for them.

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Thanks Richard! If You are going there, good luck.

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