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*** Bridge With A View ***

This photo was taken at Accademia Bridge, Venice looking towards Santa Maria Del Salute.

During my trip, I had planned to take a sunset shot for this location as the setting sun would have illuminated the scene with dramatic side lighting.

(Sun position and angle calculated using photographer's Ephemeris software).

How ever during my 4 days stay the weather was always cloudy. Failing to capture the shot that was in my head, i had to look for other alternatives.

Of many compositions, I liked the minimalist view of this shot. The long exposure removed all the traffic.

Of course I had to try multiple iterations and time the shots to finally capture something without blurred boats on the foreground.

The shot is not extremely unique, but I liked what I achieved with the weather condition.

Canon 60D
13mm · f/11.0 · 30s · ISO 100
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One of my favorite places in the world.

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The location is not unique but the photo is. You didn't use a tripod though ( I don't believe.) I have been there and photographed this and seen loads of other shots of this canal, but this is a really great variation. I think it's an ace!

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Thanks for the input!

I do not think, I have to lie to draw more viewers.
Your decision to disbelieve the use of a tripod is your personal choice.

It does not change, how the photo was captured.

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