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*** Venice CourtYard ***

Pin pointing the location was not easy, even after long search.
However when I found the location, it did not take long to realize it’s potential.

As I analysed the scene, first thing that concerned me was the weather.
It was an overcast day with a flat sky.

Having had another two days in hand, I decide to revisit the location again.
Unfortunately for my entire trip, weather was not on my side.
So on the final day, I decided to make the best use of what was thrown at me.

An overcast sky meant that, there is very little light coming through the opening.
The absence of light presented a high contrast scene, with darker foreground and a relatively bright sky.

I decided to bracket the exposures to cover the full dynamic range of the scene.
Paying extra for a check in luggage came handy, as my tripod allowed me to slowdown the shutter and achieve a symmetrical composition.

For post processing, I used Lightroom CC for RAW adjustments.
Once all three exposures were tweaked to represent different regions of the scene, I merged them on Photoshop using Digital blending technique.

I also applied some mid-tone adjustments (protecting the highlights and shadows) to boost contrast.
Finally a dodge and burn layer was used to guide the viewer towards the plane.

Hope you guys like it.

Canon 60D
12mm · f/8.0 · 1/50s · ISO 100
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What a great shot! Love the composition!

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Thanks Chelsey!

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Very nice composition! Would make a great print.

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Thanks John!

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Nikon would LOVE this photo

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Great composition