Moon Over Denali by John Freeman
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Moon Over Denali

February 2, 2018

Aug. 9, 2017, 5:36AM. My friend Bill and I had woke up at 2:30AM to drive the 30 miles from Teklanika River Campgroun to Stony Pass Overlook. The evening before we had consulted GPS data and determined the just past full moon would be nearly over the top of Mt. Denali at sunrise. At the campground we had overcast skies but we decided to go anyway trusting the Lord would give us clear skies at Stony Pass. While the scene He painted for us when we arrived at Stony Pass wasn't the perfectly clear skies I had envisioned in my head, what He gave us was beyond anything I could have imagined. As the sun neared the horizon the Alpen Glow painted the clouds and mountains with hues of pinks to orange while the nearly full moon hung suspended above the peaks. The light of the Alpen Glow reflected into the valley below Stony Pass illuminating the tundra, that was just starting to show signs of fall colors, intensifying the colors of the tundra foliage.

The original uncropped version of this panorama consists of 12 individual HDR 42 mega-pixel images shot with Sony a7Rii at f-11, bracketed .4, 1/10th, & 1.6 seconds and ISO 100 using a 100mm lens yielding an image 39" x 70". The cropped image as shown is:

219 Mega-pixels
10456 x 20912 pixels
34.8" x 69.7" 300 ppi original size

100mm · f/11.0 · -1717986943s · ISO 100
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