Point Sublime Sunset by John Freeman
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Point Sublime Sunset

September 21, 2019

July 29, 7:30 PM. -- Remember the old TV commercial where a little girl and her Dad are watching a sunset. As the sun dropped below the horizon she says "Do it again Daddy". That is exactly the feeling I had last Monday as we watched this sunset. I wanted to say to my Heavenly Father to "Do it again Daddy". Each and every day He creates unique sunrises & sunsets that will never be repeated. This was one of His masterpieces.

This is an HDR image shot bracketed with Canon 5DSR, Canon 70-200mm lens @70mm, f/13, 1/50th, 1/400th and 1/6th sec. exposure, ISO 100. It is made up of 525 Bracketed images processed to yield 175 individual HDR images, 5 rows x 35 columns 25% overlap in portrait orientation to produce final image measuring 61" x 192".

The original image is:

1.06 Gaga-pixels
18415 x 57515 pixels
61" x 192" 300 PPI un- cropped image size

70mm · f/13.0 · -85899343s · ISO 100
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It seem quite unnatural (the lightning). Not sure this is because of the resolution or shadows are pulled too much.