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Mars Rising Out of the Fire

July 12, 2018. 8:32 PM. -- From the slopes of Mauna Kea at an elevation of nearly 13,000 ft., the glow of recent eruptions of Kahauale'a as the lava flows towards the ocean is clearly visible. One of my bucket list photos, I had wanted capture an image that included the entire Milky Way, the North Star and the Southern Cross. Mauna Kea is one of the few locations on earth where this is possible. As a bonus, on this date, which was the Dark of the Moon, Mars raises just left of the lava flow right at the end of Astronomical Twilight minutes before the Southern Cross drops below the South Western horizon. Jupiter shines bright in the upper right corner of the image. Saturn is visible at edge of the Milky Way at about the 2 oclock position.

Image was shot with Canon 5DSR, Sigma 24-70mm lens @70mm, f/2.8,, 6 sec. exposure, ISO 2000. It is made up of 64 images, 4 rows x 16 columns in portrait orientation.

The original image is:

1.39 Giga-pixels
23614 x 59036 pixels
78.7" x 196.7" 300 PPI 1:2.5 cropped image size

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