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Road to the Heavens, Iceland

Everywhere you drive in Iceland has the potential to be the best photo you've ever taken. I can't stress enough the majesty of this country, you really have to see it for yourself.

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Thank you! :)

This is pretty much the greatest thing I've seen in a long while. I absolutely love the scene. I hope you shet a few tears as you witnessed it, because I would have been speechless and breathtaken...

The only thing that comes to mind is, I wish there ha been a bit more light playing on the flowers themselves; it seems like all of the beams of light are "landing" on the other side of this hill, out of sight, and of course the very nearby ones. I guess it's mainly the deep shadow-y left-hand foreground that could use just a touch more brightening.

I actually did brighten it up already but didn't want to push it too much. The light was all cascading beyond the hill there, creating natural darkness in the foreground. I made the decision not to edit these too much. I could push it to be far more edited, but decided against it.

It was definitely hard to balance.

Agreed. And again, while we can nit-pick about wishful thinking of where the sun could have fallen in order to make this image totally flawless, there remains zero doubt as to whether or not this moment was an absolute wonder to behold with one's own eyes, and this photo certainly does the moment justice... I desperately want to stomp on the gas pedal and get over that hill!!! ;-)

Looking through all the pictures in this critique that is going on, I've really come to tell myself that not every photo we take has to be perfect.

Thanks for the kind words!

Wow! This is amazing Alex. Everything in the shot is great from the road to the flowers and then the light shining down. Really excellent!

Thanks for such kind words Chad! It was such a beautiful yet fleeting moment. Glad I got the chance to capture it.

Love the lighting!

Thanks Josh! It was gorgeous.

This is a great picture.

Thanks Phil!