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Motorcycling across the Hite Crossing Bridge

The Hite Crossing Bridge is an arch bridge that carries Utah State Route 95 across the Colorado River northwest of Blanding, Utah, United States.

This photo is from a trip I did with @baggersmag. We rode from LA to Sturgis. It was the hardest trip I've ever done. It wasn't the hardest because we had to put on a billion miles a day to get there in time. It wasn't the hardest because we got caught in a 60 mile an hour hailstorm and our bikes kept on getting blown over on the side of the road. It wasn't the hardest because a co-worker talked me into trying to go into the Hell's Angels clubhouse with my camera hanging around my neck. It was the hardest because a friend of ours crashed and lost his entire left arm. The details are a story for another time.

We crossed the Hite Crossing Bridge a day before the accident. Take a drive from Blanding along Utah's SR-95, and you'll witness some of Utah's most beautiful, and vast, scenery. The red rock of the desert contrasts with the blue sky above, and on a sunny day, this drive is incredibly scenic.

As you approach the Colorado River, you'll see just one man-made landmark in this seemingly endless wilderness. The Hite Crossing Bridge.

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