Bill Tuman of the Original Indian Wrecking Crew by Mike Calabro
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Bill Tuman of the Original Indian Wrecking Crew

I traveled to multiple states to the homes of these two legendary flat track motorcycle races to capture their portraits for a feature in Motorcyclist Magazine @motorcyclistonline

Back in the '50s, Indian dominated motorcycle racing. Three bad ass dudes were the guys to beat. Bobby Hill, Bill Tuman, and Ernie Beckman where known as the Indian Wrecking Crew. Ernie passed nearly two decades ago.
They earned about $7,000 a year racing, which was then good money. In each of his two years as Champion, Bobby made about $10,000. (Today's champs earn about $200,000!). It was an honor to be able to sit down and hear their stories. "We were grateful to have made it through the war. And we all seemed to enjoy life, and racing was just as much about having fun and sharing time with your buddies as anything else." —Bobby Hill

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