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David and Goliath

Part of my 'mini world' series. David and Goliath is a well known fable. I decided I wanted to create my own interpretation of the infamous story. The background is a dinner tray which I have covered in soil, bits of grass and a few stones. I Put my arm with a stone in my palm across the frame and remotely fired the shutter creating the illusion of a giant's hand. Similarly, I then took a self portrait with a dressing gown cord in my right hand to act as a slingshot. All natural lighting, shot outside on my terrace on an overcast day so I didn't have much shadows to deal with. Once the image was put together, I tweaked the colours slightly to get the final look I was after.

90mm · f/3.2 · 1/500s · ISO 160
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Dave I think your concept is awesome. In fact your whole mini series is cool. I love everything about this photo however my eye is drawn to the size of the plants. They don't fit. David was a normal sized person and that's what keep playing through my mind. I wanted you to know why I only rated it a solid instead of excellent or world class. You have a great eye for putting this series together. Lord knows I would struggle to even attempt this and get it anywhere close to what you've done.

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Hey Bo. Many thanks for your comment and tbh, you are the only one to draw my attention to the obvious so thank you. Looking at the image I can see what you mean and it's something I've not noticed before. The plants are just weeds which are growing out of some moss I have on the tray. Perhaps a re-visit and a re-creation of this shot is in order. :)

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Go for it Dave. I'd love to see the recreation.