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One Lump or Two

Part of my 'mini world' series. I got the inspiration to create this when I was in the kitchen at home making coffee. The model here is actually a street performer who I photographed at a local festival. This particular shot of him was going around in my head for days, as I tried to think of a 'scene' to add him to. Then whilst making my coffee, I got the light bulb moment. The scene is created from a 3 shot composite to freeze the action of the tea and the sugar lump. The whole scene was set up on my bed side table with some place mats leaning against the wall to create the textured backdrop. There is a window on the right, the light was diffused that day so I placed a speed light on the window sill and set it to 1/128 I had another speed light camera left and also set that to 1/128.

I took a shot of the scene, with the spoon in the down position using some blue tac. Next was dropping a sugar cube into the coffee, I'd nailed it by the 2nd attempt reducing the amount of time spent on mopping up the mess. Then I dropped the sugar cube into the scene and toot a few shots to get it in the position I wanted.

Again, the whole image was constructed in PS using layer masks to blend the layers together.

34mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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