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Fairy Trap

Part of my 'Mini World' series. I used to use plastic figures in my work in the same method as Christopher Bofolli and Slinkachu. That was until I realised their pose limits, so I started to use real people because of the posing flexibility. So I had a plastic fairy and couldn't think of many ways to use it. I'm sure there are many people who would love to catch a fairy (if they existed) and that is the basis I used to create this image. The green light is from a flourescent stick which I opened and painted the inside of the jar with the liquid. I then placed a small glow stick in the lid of the jar and used a long exposure to get the light how I wanted. The model is myself (again) and I am looking into my living room from the outside with my hands resting on the window. With some photoshop work, I put the image together to give viewer the impression that I am looking into the jar. I tweaked the light to match that of the glow sticks before finalising the image.

50mm · f/4.0 · 3s · ISO 1250
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Excellent image and attention to lighting on the subject. Bravo!

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Very nice composition here, you could have use real people too for the fairy but I guess this is already a lot of work. Also if the green light is yellow I could have imagine that it was the moon, otherwise green also works as a mystical lighting.

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Wow! nice.