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Winters Heart

A few weeks ago I was exploring the Bavarian Forest here in Germany. We had had lots of snow on top of the Große Arber mountain. This combined with the icy temperatures had turned the trees into these bizare shapes.

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Nice one Michael!

Excellent image - and title, too, Michael! I like the composition, and how it leads the eye into that long cool passage. Living in Australia, even the cooler south, I'm envious of the beauty of snow like this from cooler places.

I've just had a look at your impressive portfolio, and notice you render my "neighbourhood" very appealingly, too! I'm in Lorne at the moment, and you've inspired me to have another look around the Gibson's Steps area. You ought to visit Artillery Rocks if you're down this way again.

Hello Chris, thanks a lot. I'll hopefully get back to Australia in a few years. It's such a photogenic country and I have much more areas to explore :-) PS: Gibson steps are great if the tide is right, you should give it another look