Not the famous Cuernos in Patagonia, but some jagged peaks I found recently when exploring Berchtesgaden in Germany. It was hard to believe that this spot wasn't famous on Instagram yet and thankfully so! I had the whole view for myself although it's very easy to reach.

I guess in this world of instant gratification many people rather stick to the photo spots, for which they have the geo coordinates and for which they already know the compositions that work from the millions of instagram photos out there ;-)

Just 4km from this location is a quite famous view where on a morning like this you will encounter around 5 - 10 photographers all photographing the same view at least. I was there a day earlier looking for a way to get my own shot there and I even found a spot just 100 meters from the famous viewpoint, where nobody else was taking a photo.

But this was just to get the iconic shot out of the way. I then decided that it's much more worthwhile to go on some hikes and find a view where I could get a unique photo.

What I'm trying to say: Look beyond the iconic view that everybody photographs. There are still unique photos to be taken!

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Really cool work!