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Natural History Museum

I think this is kind of the classic shot you take in the Natural History Museum in London. Tripods are not allowed but for this angle you can use the balustrade to stabilize the camera. Then I took a few long time exposures to turn all the people into ghosts or remove them completely from the frame.

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I was about to ask how you managed to shoot there with no people around, the long exposure trick worked a treat! Fantastic image!

Thanks Danial

You can see some of the ghosts left right in the middle of that balcony.

Fantastic shot nonetheless!

Remarkable photograph! This is what I reach for, and I thank you for that.....

awesome shot, how many long exposures did you take if you don't mind me asking?

Hello Josh, I don't know exactly anymore. But at least 3-4 of around 20 - 30 seconds. There were always a few people who seemed not to move, so I had to combine a few shots

thats awesome, it looks great!

good job and great tip. ws wondering how you got those people out. must have been busy.

Awesome shot! I just can't stop looking at it.

Love the high end look Michael!

Excellent work, Michael! More than the "classic shot" - you've given this space a glow and majesty that calls to mind the light in Rembrandt's paintings. Truly. An image to savour and enjoy.