A camel caravan in the Sahara near our camp. This shoot with Mohammed and his dromedaries was nicely organized by Wild Morocco for whom I led a photo tour back then. The light was just perfect, casting long shadows across the sand.

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Beautiful, striking image, Michael! There's a lovely glow to the colours, and the composition, especially your use of the shadows, lifts it out of the ordinary. Well done.

Thanks Chris

Fantastic image, Michael.

I really like the shadows in and on the dunes ****

Well, my first impression is the stunning shadows. But, everyone who sees this will have that. But looking at this, I am more impressed that the shadows are long and hard, yet the shadows on the dunes are so soft and feathered...diffused. I can't imagine that this could have been done more skillfully.

Fantastic! Everything works just right on this photo, the colors, the composition and the subjects :)

Thanks Marisa

Excellent shot...

lots of beauty <3

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