A camel caravan in the Sahara near our camp. This shoot with Mohammed and his dromedaries was nicely organized by Wild Morocco for whom I led a photo tour back then. The light was just perfect, casting long shadows across the sand.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Beautiful, striking image, Michael! There's a lovely glow to the colours, and the composition, especially your use of the shadows, lifts it out of the ordinary. Well done.

Michael Breitung's picture

Thanks Chris

Jack Loughran's picture

Fantastic image, Michael.

charles warren's picture

I really like the shadows in and on the dunes ****

Rick Pappas's picture

Well, my first impression is the stunning shadows. But, everyone who sees this will have that. But looking at this, I am more impressed that the shadows are long and hard, yet the shadows on the dunes are so soft and feathered...diffused. I can't imagine that this could have been done more skillfully.

Marisa Harris's picture

Fantastic! Everything works just right on this photo, the colors, the composition and the subjects :)

Michael Breitung's picture

Thanks Marisa

charles warren's picture

Excellent shot...

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

lots of beauty <3

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