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Elements of Earth

As we were traveling through Alaska, I realized how big the world is, and how lucky we are to live on this planet. From the sky, mount, to the water, everything just came together in this image.

Capturing this image was no easy task. I knew I wanted to be surrounded by water in the foreground. I did my best ninja hop and squat on a boulder about the same size as the one in the image. As I was doing that, I was being raid on by mosquitoes all over the place! It really felt like there were a million of them around me! It the end, I walked out with zero bites thanks to my hoodie and slamming my face against my camera.

Nikon D610
24mm · f/11 · 0.8 seconds · ISO 50
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So surreal. Way to go after the shot with your ninja skills.

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Thank you, glad you like it! It's always good to be nimble!

Thomas Brown's picture

Just wow!

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you Thomas!

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i want a freaking print