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Booky-Man (Cheesy Titles are the best)

February 22, 2016

Hi everyone, so the studio shoot with Kyle was actually a sorta spin off or spontaneous shoot after planning this one. Kyle had a lot of street fashion kind of shoots before, but this time, we wanted a shoot with a classy vibe to it. We put together a little mood board, which included Peaky Blinders in it. As far as location, this is a book store that I frequented, and the bookstore owner kindly allowed us to use it for this shoot.

3 lights
-1 39" Deep octa camera right for main
-1 46" Softlighter camera left for fill
-1 speedlight barebulb on left back shelve for subtle background fill/mimicking ambient. As you can imagine, the real ambient light was florescence with a nice nasty green ish cast to it. So by adding a flash and bouncing it in the ceiling really helps.

Photographer: JayKan.com IG: ikanicphoto
Model: Kyle Cooley
Assistant: Dale Feenstra
Special thanks: Shop owner Joe from Mostly Books

24mm · f/2.8 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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Amanda Campbell's picture

OH my gosh. WOW. Love this.

Jay Kan's picture

Amanda approved :O! YES! Mission accomplished!!! LOL! Seriously though, means a lot coming from you!

Mike Smith's picture

This is rather special - rather fond of locations like this and Kyle rocks it...

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you! To be honest, from the first time I walked into the store, I knew I had to do a shoot here one day. It's just so nice to finally have a project fall in place and work well together!

Ariel Majtas's picture

What a shot! WOW!

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you so much Ariel!

David Jaan's picture

Great lighting and feel with this shot

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you David!

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you Giancarlo :3

Bea Kiss's picture

Great work!!

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you so much Bea!

Michael Kelly's picture

Love a good bookstore!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

Fantastic one

Matt Allan's picture

This is fantastic work, no doubt about it however the platic milk crate kind of ruins the scene for me.
Still, stellar work.

Dave Newcombe's picture

Really nice, love this lighting

Studio 403's picture

The scene and pose, so nice. and the color grading! jealous, lol , have not figured how to get the "look" ,

Nikiforos Pittaras's picture

Great lighting! Beautiful image

james sanchez's picture

i love the contrast and the simplcity

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you, glad you like it~

John Smith's picture

Great image! The lighting is immaculate.

Jay Kan's picture

haha, thank you! Cheers

Michael Richards's picture

Superb shot! Every aspect of this shot looks great...

Jay Kan's picture

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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