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February 19, 2016

True story: I used to hate studio photography or shooting people. At the time, I felt like photography is most fun when I was discovering a new appreciation for something that people walk by everyday. Of course, now I can't even stand not photographing a person for more than a week or two. I recently had a trip to Hong Kong, and it was fun shooting street photography, but I was literally dying from not doing any portrait shoot for almost two months. I also ended up turning into a flash nerd. I love lighting, it just adds so much possibilities and creative freedom.

Anyways, got back a few weeks ago and remembered that I haven't done a studio portrait in a long, long time. So what you say good people of stoppers? Am I rusty? haha

85mm f/8 | 1/250th | ISO 100
4 lights
-1 light camera left slightly behind subject for rim # 1. Deep Octa 39"
-1 light camera right slightly below him, pointing slightly behind for main. Softlighter 46"
-1 light camera left few feet next to camera bounce onto a circular reflector for fill.
-1 light camera right behind subject for hair light. Bare
Photographer: JayKan.com
Model: Kyle Cooley
Studio space courtesy of: James Kwak (amazing photog and graphic designer)
The Joker: Island Huynh

85mm · f/8.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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woo hoo!!!

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Thank you Junior! :3

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Thank you so much! I am humbled to be able to share this image!

Win Mag's picture

awesome Jay! can you send me your lights so i can play with it?

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or or or or or or or! COME TO AMERICA ALREADY!

benny sufrin's picture

you truly deserve it (while most are striving for at least 1 POTD)!! great job

Jay Kan's picture

LOL stop it Benny! Thanks anyhow tho!

Nat Nichols's picture

stellar composition!

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Thank you Nat! Appreciate the kind words!

Brian Barthel's picture

Love the lighting and composition!

David Lok's picture

If this is you being rusty, we need a 6 star rating for the non-rusty photos.

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Great shot