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Airplane Home

When we talk about our house, everybody assimilates that we live in a typical construction, with its walls, its roof, maybe some lucky ones in a wooden cabin isolated from the crowd; but not for this former aeronautical engineer, who, his house is a plane, a plane in the middle of the woods just outside Portland, Oregon.
I had to go twice to make the shot, because even being simple, in the first light was not adequate and also, after the update of the drone configuration was left in jpg format at low quality.
The truth is that it is a curious way of living, inside a plane of which you may be part of the development team or that you yourself have designed.

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Me vas a hacer comprarme un dron, jodio

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Impresionante tío muy buena

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Buahh como mola tio! Vaya perspectiva guapa

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Esta me encanta tío

alfonso maseda varela's picture

Fantástica Hugo!! un saludo

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Que pasada esa perspectiva

Jose Luis Llano's picture

Tremenda foto y curiosa historia!!

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Pero esto es de verdad? siempre pense lo hacían con Photoshop hahaha...great shot bro

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Hugo, post some pictures of the inside...

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Muy guapa Hugo!!

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A home fit for Mike Kelley

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enhorabuen Hugo!

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An oddity to say the least. Still a great photo.

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What's the history of how the plane got there? Excellent take, kudos.

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great shot, leaves us wondering how.....

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Exceptional body of work, Hugo
Many of which are stunning!
Thank you.