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Perseid Meteor Shower over Mt. Hood

What an experience it was seeing so many shooting stars ripple across the sky while being perched high above in the Mt. Hood National Forest. This is a blend of 30+ photos to show all the passing meteors over Mt. Hood in the span of 4 hours during the 2020 Perseid Meteor Shower. The bright spot on the horizon is the rising moon and the lighting on my foreground trees is from a single handheld lumecube. I stacked 9 images for the base sky and foreground and then blended in another stack of 5 images with the foreground lighting on the trees.

Nikon D 850
20mm · f/2.5 · 13s · ISO 6400
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Great capture!

Thank you Greg! Took a good amount of time to blend all those meteors in but I really enjoy it.

Superb idea to light the foreground trees - makes a huge difference.

What are those two bright white dots on the base of the mountain though? It kind of looks like the mountain is at 50% opacity? Was that intentional?

Other than that, stunning image. Really like the colors!

Thank you Ewan I thought lighting the trees would give the foreground a little punch ;) The two dots are ever present ski lifts that are never turned off on the mountain. The mountain is covered in fog and low clouds so it appears as it truly was that night. There were clouds all over that night and they came and went throughout

Now I like your image even more Daniel!