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Shoot for the Stars

A shooting star taken in the foothills of Mt. Hood.
Funny story on how I got the shot. After wrapping up my milky way composition for the night, I turned to the southwest and fired off some shots with these bare trees in frame thinking, this looks neat why not shoot it? I always shoot the night sky on a self timer that takes 9 photos in a row and happened to catch a shooting star during one.

20mm · f/2.8 · 15s · ISO 5000
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Great capture!

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So glad you like this one. It is a favorite of mine from this year

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The colors in the sky are magnificent. You should have entered this bad boy in the 'lucky' themed contest a while ago

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Thanks Ewan. The transition of night to dawn made for a really cool color scheme. The light pollution from Portland enhanced it further with the orange glow. I always seem to miss when they announce those contests lol.