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Sunrise at the Steens

That morning was so hard for me to get up and shoot. Why? Well...I stayed in a bunk house close by the desert playa and kept having issues getting the door to fully lock. Fast forward into the dead of night when the winds pick up and BOOM I hear a giant slam. I opened my blurry eyes and think to myself that's weird I can see my car and why am I so cold? Was my door haunted...I don't know but holy crap it was loud as it swung wide open 🙄 I never got the bunk house warm again that night so at about 2 am I hopped in the car and decided to keep it running so I could keep my toes. In my sleepy stuper I set an alarm to shoot sunrise that I most happily hit the snooze on and when I did finally wake it was literally minutes before the light was going to go off. I dashed out onto the playa, found my frozen mudcracks and witnessed some pretty cool light shortly after. This was my favorite moment from that morning.

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