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Vampire Night Bites

You know what goes hand in hand with visiting beautiful alpine lakes? Blood sucking mosquitoes whose sole purpose in life is to drain you of your resolve to stick around long enough after sunset to get a beautiful night sky image. Seriously, I was swollen with bites for days after this image! I think I had enough at this location that I will wait until next year to return when I'll be armed to the teeth with bug spray.

ISO 5000, F1.4 6s x 25 image pano with 5 stacked images per panel in vertical orientation stitched in Adobe Photoshop

D 750
35mm · f/1.4 · 6s · ISO 5000
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Great shot man! I’ve been battling the mosquitoes myself this year. You should look into a thermocell. I just picked one up, haven’t tried it out yet but apparently they are a lifesaver!

In my amazon cart now lol! Never had heard of them but compared to the price of spray that's worth a shot. Thanks a bunch John!

No prob man!

I applaud the brave effort to battle the mosquitos for this shot.
Why did the reflection in the lake have star trails instead of clear stars?

Thank you George. Unless there is absolutely no wind stars will ripple and look slightly distorted in a reflection and I should have some other examples of this in my profile. For instance I got a shooting star in this lake in a different photo and that shooting star looked incredibly warbly yet the lake was still https://fstoppers.com/photo/498334