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The Light in the Night

September 13, 2019

After gaining the owners permission to photograph this old farmhouse a brave friend and I placed a headlamp inside in 3 different places to light the house and waited for the alignment of the milky way above. I imagine many hearty meals were eaten here, joy was felt, and many hardships must have been faced in this rugged part of Oregon as settlers founded this land.
Sky + Land: F2.5, 20s, ISO 8000 x 9
Lights: F4, 30s, ISO 1000 x 3

20mm · f/2.5 · 20s · ISO 1000, 8000
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Kevin McLin's picture

That's a really nice image. Well done. I might tone the lights down a bit in the windows though. They are pretty distracting, but that is a matter of taste. But basically fantastic.

Daniel Gomez's picture

I really appreciate the feedback. I can see how that would make the milky way just a little more the "star" of the image. Thanks Kevin.

Very dream like. Nicely done.

Daniel Gomez's picture

Thanks Rich, I aim for a dreamy feel in all my photos. Appreciate the feedback :)

Awesome photo mate .. good job

Mike Young's picture

Love the shot, would also tone down or switch windows to off white or something less distracting. Night sky is stunning.