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Glory of Spring

A beautiful white crabapple welcomes in Spring.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Very dynamic for a tree image, Alan! It looks like a whirlwind, or as if it's about to take off like da Vinci's helicopter. A very striking, attractive and memorable image, one of your better ones of this kind. And that's saying something, as you have some very fine images apparently made using similar techniques in your portfolio..

Julian Ray's picture

What Chris said!!!!!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks ever so much Chris. I always appreciate your considered feedback, receiving endorsements such as this is both motivating and humbling.

Edward Hudgeons's picture

Nice shot. Never saw a tree with the seeming striations seen here. It looks like it wants to take off. It is just beautiful. Well done.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for your kind words Edward!

Thomas McWilliam's picture

I really love your technique; it is refreshing to see such unique images.

Looks like a painting, not a photo.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks - I'm glad you like it and really appreciate you taking the time to comment Thomas.