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Chacma Grub Hub

The elephants in the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia can be destructive, but the branches and trees they tear down are a resource for other animals. Several large branches they left on the trail were full of tasty grubs just under the bark. We watched while a troop of Chacma Baboons stripped the bark, and gnawed their way deep into the branches. They were after every single grub.

I took the image with a Canon 7D Mark II with an EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender lens. The exposure settings were 1/2000 sec at f/4, ISO 1600, 200 mm, handheld.

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Great moment captured with a lost look. What was he thinking? Maybe a little more light on the face and above all to give life to the eyes??. Come on, it seems to me, don't pay much attention to me.
congratulations and my like

Hi Mariano,

Thanks! What he was thinking is an interesting question. The Chacma Baboon in the picture is an adolescent. There were younger, much smaller baboons around, as well as a large adult male. The fallen branch full of grubs he is nibbling at was brought down by elephants in the night. It was a desirable resource for the baboons, who were squabbling over who got the first chance at the treats. The large male baboon left the area when we arrived, which left an opening for the younger baboons. So, answering your question, the baboon in the picture is mostly worrying about the big baboon coming back, and keeping the younger baboons away.

You may be right about the eyes. I did very little post processing to the picture. I might try masking the eyes, and bringing them up just a little.

Thanks again! Bob