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Paradise Flycatcher 2

We encountered this male Paradise Flycatcher while visiting the Nyerere National Park in November, 2023. I have wanted a chance to photograph this beautiful flycatcher for a long time. I was able to watch him for at least 30 minutes, but needed to keep my distance.

Because I was higher than the bird, and actually shooting a little downward, I was able to focus on his unique crest, which is shaped like a bowl rather than a fan. Although I have seen many pictures of this beautiful flycatcher, I had never seen a closeup of the crest.

I was really hoping he would eventually choose a branch to perch on, but he liked perching where the canvas awning provided some protection from the rain. In spite of the guy wire, I was very happy with finally being able to capture images of what I believe is one of the most beautiful birds in Africa.

I took the image with a Canon EOS R6 with a Canon 200-400 F4L IS USM 1.4 EXT lens, f 6.3, ISO 2500, 1/1600 sec, 461 mm, handheld.

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