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The Lion male model

Shot in the Kristiansand Zoo this summer. They vere inside when I shot this. With daylight from large windows. Ocational massive roars! Pretty frightening the sound alone.. Shot with A7r and the Sony 200 - 600mm and edited in Lr and Ps.

Sony A7r
385 · f/6,5 · 1/60 · ISO 800
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I don't particularly appreciate going to zoos. Since the animals are locked up, everything is only for the visitors. He looks sad. But the photo looks beautiful.

I agree with you. Animals being in "prison" so we can watch them... At least here in Norway we have only one real and large zoo with many different animals. The regulations for running a zoo here are very strickt, and is regulated by law from the government. All the animals and the lions have a large outside and inside area. When this guy was inside with another one, there were the three other ones outside in the sun laying in the high grass and relaxing and sleeping. The animals seems to have a nice life. And there is a long going documentary of several sesons on the main tv channel here in Norway about Kristiansansand Zoo. And they have 24/7 365 service with activities with food and snacks hidden different places, and new stuff to play with and explore and so on. So at least, I don`t think there are other zoo`s in the world with much better conditions. Still the best is of course outside. But then again, for some of the animals which is prey outside, they have a short life outside because they brutally gets eaten alive. We can take comfort in that they are safe here :)