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The Heart of Venice

From my amazing trip to photograph Italy. It was a long and expensive train trip from Rome to Venice. But it was Absolutely worth it! Here is my contribution from maybe the most famous spot, The Accademia brigde. And also one of the most visited spots in the world. I wanted an "easygoing" and calm and hopefully a pleasant image, so I used long exposures to remove the traffick from the canal. Some like it better with all the boats, and I have also with boats :)

Sony A7r
28mm · f/16 · 15s · ISO 50
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excellent work , have visited this spot multiple times and seen hundreds of photos of it, but yours still makes it look somehow new and interesting.. good job

Thank you so much Hamid for giving this feedback. I try my best to make my photos interesting and look in a somewhat "new" style. So your comment is extra nice for me. Thanks again :)