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Cinque Terre

This photography from Riomaggiore is from my trip to photograph Italy. This area was on my bucket list to photograph. What an amazing feeling to finally be here, and enjoy the view, and shooting lots of different angels and light and with and without Nd filter. This is one of the, or the one image from the shoot I think is the most pleasant and calm to look at. It`s also a pano, to get the composition I wanted. Shot with the old Sony A7r1. More than good enough for such photography.

Sony A7r
28mm Pano · f/13 · 30 sec · ISO 50
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Great job capturing this Italian icon. I am most impressed that you managed to capture the shot without the masses of tourists that typically frequent the town.

Thank`s a lot Brown! Yes, I was there in february, as far away from the masses as possible. Thank`s to that I managed to take lots of pictures in Italy that would have been impossible in the summer. Especially from the Accademia bridge in Venice. One of the worlds most iconic places to photograp from. In the summer season you can`t even get on the bridge. It`s totally packed everywhere.