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Lapland Memories

Touring the Arctic Circle in winter can be quite an experience; In the interior of the Nordic countries we can safely reach, during the day, a maximum temperature of -20 degrees. But the light can also be fantastic during the few hours you can see; I took this photo around 12 noon, in the month of January, and that is the highest position that the sun reaches at this time. We were traveling along a local road, without traffic, heading towards an area of snow-laden trees that we wanted to visit, and we found these unique trees in the middle of a white blanket, with the sun in the center. I stopped for a few minutes, took some photos, it was very cold, I returned to the car and we continued on our way.

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And for me, SCARY!
I imagine there are safeguards and protocol when venturing out into such "hostile" conditions! I hope at least there are.....and I was cold at Joshua Tree when it was 26 ℉, OH MY!

This photo is actually taken on the side of the road, between two towns. Yes, it was very cold, but the car was close to me and the interior was warm.