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Ready to Explode

I'm very much interested in combining the sports and portrait aspects of photography in as much as they can accurately convey each other accurately. So this could be a 'sports' picture and it could be 'portrait', in the formal sense. This is a pitcher I was hired to shoot and really wanted to portray the buildup that goes into that first pitch. I just used a 2 light setup; nothing crazy. Edited primarily in Lightroom, I really liked the tension added by the uniform twisting and tightening around him, so I further emphasized those relationships. Converting to black and white was an easy choice; it is just much more cohesive without any color to distract the viewer.

Canon 5D Mark III
50mm · f/16.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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I love this! From concept to execution I think it is 5 stars. The lighting is so spot on and must have been hard to adjust as he can't exactly hold that pose for minutes at a time haha! Especially with the brim of the hat so low, getting light onto the right side of his face so as not to lose that eye. Also, just enough spill on the ground behind him to show the viewer that he is on the mound.. Great work!

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Thank you very much!!!

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I love it!..... Great light and B&W.

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Thanks Felix!

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great shot Love the look

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Thank you!

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Nice job on your "sportrait" !

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Perfect!!! Thank you. And I'm using that term from now on. :)

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Gorgeous light. Well done!

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Thank you, Brandon!