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I recently had the opportunity to photography one of college football's legendary coaches, Bobby Bowden. He was speaking at an event I was covering and I asked if he wouldn't mind if I snapped a quick portrait afterwards. I knew I wouldn't have much time, so I just grabbed a studio strobe with a medium softbox on it and set it up beforehand in a separate room. On his way out, we went in and I was able to get one shot and this is it. I love how it came out, and even more so knowing I had once shot to get it right. Admittedly, it was a bit overexposed in camera, but nothing I couldn't adjust in post.

Canon 5D Mark III
70mm · f/22.0 · 1/200s · ISO 125
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amazing portrait!

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Thank you!!

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Great photo and really cool story!

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Thank you very much!

Eric Reichbaum's picture

Great shot Brian, and a great story as well!

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Thank you very much! One of my favorites. :)

Mike Patrick's picture

Great shot. Very well done. Great subject.

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Thank you very much, Mike!

Percy Ortiz's picture

Very nice work! well done...
On a separate note, is it just me or does Bobby look a bit like Mario Testino?

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Lol. Thank you very much. I can see it but not until you mentioned it, though. But I do now!

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What a great opportunity! Is this the dark side of Bobby? Love the shot. I'm a 40 year Noles fan.

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Lol. Not sure about that. I'm a big Gator fan, so it was definitely an interesting experience. Respect where it's due, though!