Haunting Video About 'Photojournalists on War'

"Those of us that are lucky enough to survive, we get to come here and be at this museum and do this opening." 'Lucky enough to survive' is not a mantra that many photographers have to deal with - and yet these photographers have worked under this burden and have done so brilliantly. In this video, we get a small glimpse at some of the things they've seen - and it is powerful.

ReasonTV sat down with photojournalists Michael Kamber and Louie Palu at a war photography exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC and talked to them about the horrors and the brutality they stared in the face while covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The images, though, are not merely a docuemtary of the events that occurred over the eight years. They are a testament to the photographers that were injured, captured, maimed, tortured and killed so that the pictures could exist.

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great share

Thank you.

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1. It gets better and better all the way to the last frame (that haunting face in blue light!)

2. Sadly predictable... 3 scanty comments.

3. Thank you, Chris, for selecting this peek

Quality post, thank you. It's good to see the serious side of image making, helps put life in perspective.

Just amazing! Thank you so much for this.