A Beginner's Guide To Cropping Photos in Adobe Photoshop for Print and Screen

Cropping is straightforward for the most part, but it can be tricky at first, and especially so if you're looking to crop for printing purposes. This video gives you a great, beginner's guide to cropping your photographs for all purposes using Adobe Photoshop.

Cropping your photographs in post-production is one of the fundamental tools every photographer needs, but it isn't always straightforward. If you're looking at turning your 16:9 ratio landscape into a 1:1 square crop, there's little to know, but when it becomes more intricate than that Photoshop has a number of tools to help. These tools are particularly useful if you are looking to print, where the aspect ratio your image is in is only a part of the whole process.

It may seem absurd, but cropping images is one of the most satisfying components of post-production for me. I often shoot on a medium format body, and so I have a lot of wiggle room with resolution. (That said, most modern cameras, regardless of sensor size, can crop in comfortably.) On a recent trip, however, I found that I was cropping a lot of my drone shots for better composition, and working my way through a lot of images meant full control over shortcuts and tools sped up my workflow significantly.

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